What is SeeSpace?

SeeSpace is a technology company focused on reinventing the way we watch TV. Viewers want to watch TV in context. The audience wants more control. Our viewer interface puts the power back into the hands of the viewer.


What is InAiR?

InAiR is a completely new way to experience TV. It is an animated interface that uses the main TV screen, and the space between the screen and the viewer, to display Web content. Internet content is blended seamlessly with TV content to add context, without having to juggle a second screen. Specifically, InAiR comes in the form of a Smart HDMI Adaptor, which can be plugged into any existing TV and set-top-box for the consumer to start enjoying the InAiR experience.


What is a viewer interface?

A viewer interface is a rich, dynamic, animated interface that makes use of both the main TV screen and, using stereo 3D, the space in front of the screen. It creates ‘layers’ of content that can be moved around by the viewer. Viewers use a track-pad type controller to manipulate the content effortlessly – the free InAiR app converts any mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch into a controller. InAiR also supports gesture control through Kinect or Leap devices, giving viewers a true “Minority Report” experience.


How are you serving up relevant content?

We have a patented InAiR Engine, based on Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology, which intelligently identifies relevant Internet and social content based on what the viewer is watching on TV and delivers it to the TV screen in real time. InAiR combines technology such as, channel guide, tele-text, and voice layer to understand the context of what you’re watching, based on keywords. The technology takes all of the information and grabs readily available content from the Internet.


What are the privacy issues?

None. The viewer decides when he or she wants InAiR to service up complementary content. And we do not store any data relating to content being watched by individual users. InAiR is really no different than a browser. It’s similar to watching something on Netflix or buying an item on Amazon.


What data is InAir capturing / tracking?

SeeSpace plans to capture the data of what people are watching and for how long, in addition to what they are searching on. However, all of our user data remains completely anonymous, protecting the personal information of each individual user.


What are your plans for monetization for content providers?

Our focus right now is the consumer experience, and cultivating free, readily available content from the Internet. What I can tell you is that content providers are interested, but I can’t talk specifically about their interests.


Do I have to have a 3D TV?

No. InAiR works with any existing TV, including 4K Ultra HD. Content can be displayed entirely in a 2D format. Use of the 3D format is entirely optional.


What content does InAir support?

InAiR supports freely available Internet content, including graphics, information and social engagement. For example, you can view a course map while watching a golf tournament, see actor or player profiles while watching a game or movie, and keep an eye on Twitter or Facebook, without interrupting the viewing experience. In future, InAiR will pursue content partnerships to add premium content for even greater enhanced viewing.


Does it work with movies? Video games? Netflix, Apple TV, Roku, etc?

Yes, InAiR works with any TV content, live or on-demand. InAiR can plug into anything, impacting the content experience of anything connected to the back of your TV.


What does InAiR cost?

Pricing will be announced at CES, and it will be priced at $99.


Why did you develop InAiR?

InAiR was conceived by Nam Do and Dale Herigstad, co-founders of SeeSpace. Nam is a successful technology entrepreneur and Dale an Emmy Award-winning designer and veteran TV creative director. The pair recognized the opportunity to reinvent the TV experience by making use of the space in front of the TV. Today’s viewing experience is significantly lacking – viewers want to watch TV in context, but to date there has been no elegant way of combining TV and Internet content without destroying the viewing experience. Solving this problem would unlock opportunities for new forms of augmented TV content and completely change the way we view the TVs in our homes. Many major players are working to crack this problem, but, with their unique combination of technology and design expertise, Do and Herigstad were able to find the solution, patent their innovation and are bringing it to market.


What are plans for the company?

SeeSpace is focused on changing the way we watch TV by utilizing the space between the TV and the viewer. We intend to build this into a powerful medium that unlocks a wealth of new content opportunities. We will focus first on delivering InAiR to the mass market and enabling any consumer, with any TV to enjoy an augmented viewing experience with freely available Internet content. But in the future, we will likely explore other content opportunities, working with content providers, including premium content.


How is InAiR different from second screen solutions, if the interface is controlled by secondary device?

At present, the second screen experience (i.e. looking at a tablet while watching TV) isn't very satisfying. It divides the viewer’s attention, and requires the user to keep looking up or down. In fact, independent research shows that up to 25 percent of the viewer’s attention is lost when consumers engage with a second screen during programming. This isn't good for consumers, the cable network or the advertiser. SeeSpace is disrupting this model with the first viewer interface to blend TV and video content with relevant content from other Internet sources (including social media and email) without a second screen to juggle. The InAiR app turns the viewer’s mobile device (smartphone, tablet or smartwatch) into a track pad controlled by simple swipe movements. With no content to look at directly on the mobile device, the viewer is free to dedicate their full attention to the layers of entertainment on the TV screen.


What sort of partnership possibilities do you expect for InAiR?

InAiR offers great potential for several content and business partnerships. For instance, SeeSpace could work with service providers (i.e. DirecTV, Skype, Comcast, etc.) that are already putting set-top boxes into consumers’ homes to integrate the software within their existing box offerings.


True to SeeSpace’s mission to put the power in the hands of the audience, other interface possibilities down the road may include the ability to directly purchase products and services directly through the TV screen, or to download preferred content such as music tracks and albums.


Who are your competitors?

Currently, there is no other product like InAiR on the market. However, we imagine that tech consumer companies like Apple, or TV manufacturers like Samsung could have R&D projects underway to develop a similar interface. They would have a definite financial advantage over our little startup, but our combination of hard-to-find talent and ability of execute nimbly and quickly gives us an edge.